Over the past two decades I have dedicated my LIFE to accumulation and mastery of SUCCESS education, coaching STRATEGIES, and personally COMPETING in business and sport.

My PASSION (more like) OBSESSION is “Entrepreneurship”. Nothing gives me more fulfilment than the opportunity to educate, mentor, and motivate Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals to reach and exceed their Personal and Professional GOALS!

I hope this site helps you get to know ME, how I tick, what drives me to pursue “GREATNESS” for my LIFE, and the LIVES of my clients.

I look forward to working with you on your personal MISSION of “Taking your Life and Business to the Next Level!”


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YEARS as a "SERIAL" Entrepreneur


James Benjamin Stewart was born in Ottawa, Canada on March 19th, 1978. Ben was the youngest of 4 Stewart kids born in the 1970’s (Ben, Mandy, Robb, and Matt). Growing up in Ottawa Mr. Stewart had a keen interest in Sports and Business from a very early age. As a child Ben would put up lemonade stands, hold multiple paper routes, and organize groups of kids in various sport, clubs, and activities.

In 1987 at the tender age of 8 Mr. Stewart started training in the Martial Arts, which would later become his #1 sport as an adult. Through elementary and high school Mr. Stewart played competitive soccer and baseball while his study of the Martial Arts blossomed.

In 1995 at the age of 17 Mr. Stewart had recently started his first company “Ultimate Lawns”, played for the Kanata Selects baseball team, was training daily at “Steve Anderson Karate”, all while a grade 12 student at “Earl of March” in Kanata. Although Mr. Stewart had a childhood dream of playing PRO baseball a decision had to be made for his future. Mr. Stewart decided at 17 that he would pursue his Martial Arts passion while building his new landscaping business, and attending Algonquin College locally for Entrepreneurship.

1997 - 2001

Over the next 5 years Mr. Stewart had grown “Ultimate Lawns” into a large local lawn-care business, graduated Algonquin College in Entrepreneurship, was the proud new owner of “Steve Anderson Karate” in Kanata, and in August of 2001 had just WON the Super-Heavy Weight (WKA) World Karate Championships in Vienna, Austria.

2002 - 2005

The next 4 years Mr. Stewart focused the bulk of his time and energy on competing internationally in Karate and Kickboxing, while training and coaching a very powerful competition team. From 2002 to 2005 Mr. Stewart won seven more World titles including; 2002 WKA Karate + Kickboxing in Italy, 2003 WKA Kickboxing in Ireland, 2003 WAKO Karate in France, 2005 WKA Kickboxing in Canada, and 2005 WAKO Karate and Kickboxing in Hungary. In this same small window Mr. Stewart’s fighting team went on a tear accumulating more than 30x World titles in the WKA Junior and Adults fighting divisions between 2002-2005.

2005 was a bittersweet year for Mr. Stewart when early in the year at the Irish Open he suffered a potential career ending injury detaching his kicking groin muscle from his pelvic bone. Upon arriving home and visiting doctors he was informed he would never kick again and advised to retire from the sport that he loved. After a grueling rehab and conditioning program Mr. Stewart finished the year very strong winning 3x World titles, the Ottawa Athlete of the Year (Martial Arts Division), and the Kanata Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year. This devastating injury did force Mr. Stewart to stop all competition at the end of 2005 and it wasn’t until more than 2 years later that he started competing part time again.

2006 - 2009

The next four years Mr. Stewart decided to shift his martial arts teaching, and competing to part time to provide ample time to massively grow his direct sales, personal development, and lawn care company, Canadian Property Stars. During these four years he grew CPS from an Ottawa company to a multi-million dollar Ontario wide organization, serving over 50,000 clients annually. In 2008 Mr. Stewart authored his 1st book to assist in the development of his sales staff (Millionaire in 90 Days, Working out at the Gym)

2009 - 2010

In November of 2009, Mr. Stewart married his long time girlfriend, best friend, and business partner Mrs. Karen Stewart. In August of 2010 their first child (Sidney Steele Stewart) was born.

2010 - 2011

Getting married and starting a family definitely didn’t slow Mr. Stewart personal growth rather it renewed his fire for learning, competition, expansion, and personal growth. During these two years CPS expanded across the country opening BC, and Alberta markets, he got back into Martial Arts competition winning his 1st World title since 2008, and was able to invest and take advantage of the suffering US Rental Market in Phoenix, Arizona purchasing more than a dozen single family homes.


Over the next 5 years Mr. Stewart has been refining and tweaking his CPS business systems and modeling and continues to grow his business to stand the test of time. Mr. Stewart officially retired from Sport Karate and Kickboxing in 2013, but not before racking up WKA World titles in 2011, 2012, and WKU and WTKA World titles in 2013 at the age of 35. Now a proud father of three (Sidney, Saryna, and Sterling), he continues to work actively in all his businesses, and has a passion for coaching and the personal development of thousands of staff and clients across the country.


After over 20 years as a “SERIAL” Entrepreneur Mr. Stewart will finally be stepping on stage in 2018 to launch his lifelong PASSION of helping Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals grow and expand their LIVES and BUSINESSES! Mr. Stewart’s “DISCOVER and BUILDING your GREATNESS” live events, his Business Transformation Coaching Programs, and Entrepreneur U 24/7 Online University are designed to enable Mr. Stewart’s to reach and inspire as many Entrepreneurs as possible either LIVE or Online.


13-time Super Heavyweight World Karate and Kickboxing Champion (9x W.K.A., 3x W.A.K.O., 1x W.K.U)

20 personally-trained students have combined for 60 world titles since 2002

Founder and CEO of Canadian Property Stars (13 corporate locations across Canada)

Creator of the explosive XBT (Xtreme Body Transformation) 8 week course

7th degree Black Belt in American Free-Style Karate

Creator of the explosive XBT (Xtreme Body Transformation) 8 week course

2005 Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year (Kanata, Ontario)

2005 Athlete of the Year for Ottawa (Martial Arts Category)

Inventor of the 1st Mobile Driveway Sealing Cart that has evolved the industry

Guest motivational speaker and business lecturer at various Canadian schools

Self-Published Author of Multiple Books

Creator and financial sponsor of the HWL Success Scholarship Fund